Essential tremor writing aids for arthritic hands

Parkinson's Household

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Essential Tremor

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Although tremors can occur because of neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis, the most common form of tremor — a rhythmic shaking in the hands and arms that occurs during purposeful movement, known as essential tremor – can occur in otherwise healthy people.

Enable Javascript to view the expand/collapse boxes. Essential tremor usually occurs with movements and can occur during many different types of activities, such as eating, drinking, or writing.


Essential tremor can also occur when the muscles are opposing gravity, such as when the hands are. Healing Rooms Testimonies. November 3, Arianna from San Louis Obispo, CA Arianna came stating that since her parents’ divorce over twenty years ago when she was seven years old, she has suffered from emotional numbness.

Steady Write Pen has stable base, designed to help improve handwriting. Adapted writing pen is helpful for those who have tremors, decreased coordination, limited use of hands.

Disabled writing pen fits left or right hand, can be held using knuckle grip.3/5(13).

Essential tremor writing aids for arthritic hands
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Essential Tremor Guide: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options